Evangelical Assembly Church (ECCI)

Kum zakhat neka tam liem ta hnung khawma Krista Chanchin Țha khêkpui a, thlarau bohmang sandam dinga vawisunni chena theitawpa țhang la zing kohran

About us

Hmar hnam sunga kohran ngir hmasatak, vawisun chena Chanchin Țha hrilna kawnga inpe zawm zing kohran kan nih.

Khawvel inlumletin ring dan le ngaidan chi hran hran hung phursuok hlak sienkhawm, Pathien thua inbur nghet kohran chu an hning ngai chuong nawh.



Hieng a hnuoia hai hi Evangelical Assembly Church rawngbawlna ban pawimaw țhenkhathai an ni a, hienghai baka a dang khawm a um. Hre chieng nuomhai chun website hi browse pei el ding a nih.

Department of Evangelism

Kohran sunga pastor rawngbawlna le kohran rawngbawlna tlangpui enkaitu dinga hi department hi indin a nih.

Department of Mission

Kohran pumpuiin ramthim rawngbawlna kawnga inkhuongruol taka hma ei lak a, ei thaw tlang theina dinga hi department indin a nih.

Department of Finance

Kohran sum le pai hmusuokna le hmangna tienga inkhuongruol taka enkawl a ni theina dinga hi department hi indin a nih

Relief and Development Department

Our team excels in managing and implementing projects with utmost efficiency and integrity

To know more about the projects that we have taken up and successfully implemented, feel free to visit our Relief and Development page. This will take you to an entirely another website.

Assembly Hotuhai

Rev. Lalkhamlien

Executive Director

Rev. Laldinglien

Mission Director

Rev. Ruolneisang

Evangelism Director

Rev. Lalngaizuol

Finance Director

Rev. Zawllienmawi


Mr. Simon L Hrangchal

Development Director

Pastorate Officers & City Pastors

Rev. Fimliensang

Hmarsak Pastorate

Pa lien bek ni naw sienkhawm, pa ṭuonṭha le mi inngaitlawm, mawphurna inngha ngailo ṭhuoitu feltak a nih

Rev. Roparlien Ralsun

Simthlang Pastorate

A pum a lien ang bawk a, lungril lien, mani sina bir char char a, sukpuitling ngei hlak ṭhuoitu feltak a nih,

Rev. G. Diamonthang

Vangai Pastorate

Titi sep le ṭawng kalhmang thiem, mawphurna peka um chu hlen hmak hmak hlak, ṭhuoitu feltak a nih.

Rev. Paul Rozarlien

Hmarthlang Pastorate

A pum lien rak naw sienkhawm leadership quality nei ve tak, ṭawngbau thiem le biek inhawi ṭhuoitu feltak a nih.

Rev. Lalruotsang

Shillong City Church

Inhmaw bek lo a, muongchanga ṭawng le thilthaw hlak, patling tak le pa rawnkai, ṭhuoitu feltak a nih.

Rev. Ramchunghnung

Guwahati City Church

Mi smiling bek lo, thutak deu le lungril tluong deu, a lien deu le a chin deu khawm pawl thiem mi țhuoitu feltak a nih.

Rev. Dr. Lalbiekthang

Aizawl City Church

Tech enthusiast, specializing in developing robust & scalable software solutions that elevate user experiences.

I nunah harsatna i nei am?

I nunah harsatna i nei am? Piengthar nuomna i nei am? I insung nunah, i nuhmei/pasal lakah harsatna i nei am? I sinthawna kawnga harsatna i nei am? Țawngțai pek i nuom am? Pathien zarin kan țhangpui thei che.

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