Pro. Pastor 2 lak ding

Pro. Pastor 2 lak ding
January 19, 2022 Comments Off on Pro. Pastor 2 lak ding Sermon EAC

Evangelical Assembly Church hnuoia rawngbawltu ding mi piengthar, Pathien rama mi ṭhahnemngai, Kum 25  chungtieng mi PRO. PASTOR pahni dit a ni a. Inhnikna nei hai chun hi a hnuoia hming ziek kuoma hin mani handwriting ngeia ziekin inhnina (Application) a hnuoia lekha pawimaw hai hi ṭhangsa in peklut thei a nih.

1-  Qualification :- M. Div/BD le a chung tieng
2-  One Photo copy of Certificate & Mark Sheets
3-  Personal Testimony
4-  Mani umna Kohran lekha
5-  Last Date of Submission: 22nd   January 2022.  Dar 3:00PM
6-  Written Exam      : 2nd   February 2022.  Dar 11:00 AM
7-  Personal Interview: 4th    February 2022.  Dar 11:00AM

(Rev. Laldinglien)
Director,  Missions& Evangelism
Contact No.: (+91) 6000783354